Daughter by Janice Lee

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Draw a monster. Why is it a monster?

Okay so I was tagged in that ‘six selfies for confidence’ thing by the wonderful omigodstiles but I don’t have six selfies that I like so here you go. Basically it’s the evolution of my hair.

i tag: hellaherf, itoshiteru, hazelbeewitched, captainmrvel, lllackluster, ameliugh, the-most-beautiful-lie and yeah that’s really all the people I know that haven’t been tagged so. Yeah. If anybody I tagged is on hiatus or doesn’t wanna do it, that’s totally cool. Have these terrible pictures of my face anyway.

Team Free Will for the color palette meme, Castiel in #12, Demon!Dean in #8, and Boy King Sam in #3.


a little love story about mermaids and tattoos


AU Meme: Dean & Cas meet online - credit to Jen

“He’s not some weird, fifty year old perv, Sammy. He gets me- Hey! Stop laughing!”

Dean told Cas that he’d meet him at the Roadhouse at one, but he didn’t say he’d only get there at one. This is Dean’s story and he’s sticking to it, for despite all his protests to Sam that he knows what he’s doing and that this is an awesome idea and that Dean’s friendship with Cas has lasted longer than some relationships he’s had in meatspace, Dean is… well, he’s kinda nervous.

Of course he’s nervous, he’s human. Three years (three and a half, Cas’ deadpan voice supplies in his head) since that first epic thread at the Dr. Sexy forum where they’d spent days arguing over the season finale, to exchanging IMs, to following each other across three freaking platforms while bitching about how things just ain’t as good as in the old days, and Dean still doesn’t know what Cas looks like.

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I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.